Active Reading

Active Reading is a comprehensive life skills software program in six levels.

All units come with integrated vocabulary work, instant feedback, paper based worksheets. 
An authoring option which allows instructors to change the activities or add their own material to suit student needs is also available.

Level: beginner to advanced.

 Active Reading was created to present realistic texts which learners will come across on a regular basis. The topics presented are relevant, stimulating and tie the materials into real-world needs. With a variety of interesting exercises and topics at six different levels from beginners to advanced, the software appeals to all learners. Topics include: Finding a Home, Looking for a Job, Reading a Newspaper, Health Matters, Text Messaging and Abbreviations, Reading Emails and Internet posts. Text types include newspaper and magazine articles, brochures, emails, poems, recipes, stories, press releases and internet sites.

Although the program focuses on reading, it also contains a comprehensive range of exercises that focus on other important skills such as, listening, writing and pronunciation. Active reading links many of the exercises to different types of web sites providing users with the opportunity to do research and explore the internet in a structured manner. As well, many of the exercises also come with a worksheet option which lets teachers create worksheets for their students based on the lessons provided in the program.

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Hardware Requirements: 
Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Online version can run on Mac.
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