The Alphabet

An exciting program designed specifically for young adults and adult literacy and beginner ESL students.


Program highlights:

  • Teaches and tests all alphabet skills Involves active learning.
  • The names and sounds of the letters of the English alphabet. 
  • Upper and lower case matching activities. 
  • Alphabetical ordering.
  • Keyboard familiarity. 
  • Activities graded spelling activities for revision of skills. 
  • Use a microphone to record all letter names, sounds and words. 
  • High quality graphics for each word. 
  • Workbook with photocopiable exercises to consolidate each skill. Select Canadian, American, British or Australian accents. 
  • Context-sensitive help and demonstrations. Suitable for children (age 7+).

"[The Alphabet] is well constructed, logical in its organisation and provides useful support for learners who are not confident with written texts or using a computer. Highly recommended." Karen Bryant. 

"I have watched a young Middle-Eastern woman who has never been to school teach herself the strange shapes, sounds and names of the Roman alphabet - and all of this using a computer!" Pam McKean. VATME Newsletter.


1 Computer station $105.00

5 Computer stations $210.00

10 Computer stations $315.00

20 Computer stations $420.00

Hardware Requirements: 
PC running Windows XP, Vista, WIN7.