Computer Training

NAS Software Inc. provides high-quality interactive computer training and literacy courses for education, government, corporate, and consumer markets.

Computer Literacy Series

CLS is a series of computer training courses that teaches the most essential computer knowledge and skills needed in today's digital world.

Course Features:

Pre-assessment identifies knowledge and skills gaps, and creates an individualized training path for each learner.*

Clear, step-by-step voice narration makes lessons easy to understand.

High-quality graphics and animation keep learners interested.

Adjustable playback speed allows learners to go through lessons at their desired pace.

Optional display of the narration text reinforces instruction and makes courses usable by the hearing impaired.

Interactive exercises let learners practice, hands-on, the skills they have learned.

Quizzes measure learners' knowledge and progress.

Post-assessment quantifies training results.

Learning Management Software (LMS) allows administrators to manage students and track their activities.

Additional features include:

Frequently Asked Questions for each lesson

Comprehensive Index

Teacher’s Guides

Basic Computer Skills

Mouse Tutorial

PC100-Win7-Basic Skills

PC100XP-Basic Skills

PC101-Win7-Computer Basics

PC110-Win7-File Management

PC110XP-Files & Folders

PC120-IE8-Exploring the Web

Microsoft Office 2010

PC130-2010 - E-mail Basics (Outlook)

PC140-2010 - Basic Word Processing (Word)

PC141-2010 - Intermediate Word Processing 1 (Word)

PC142-2010 - Intermediate Word Processing 2 (Word)

PC143-2010 - Intermediate Word Processing 3 (Word)

PC150-2010 - Basic Spreadsheets (Excel)

PC151-2010 - Intermediate Spreadsheets 1 (Excel)

PC152-2010 - Intermediate Spreadsheets 2 (Excel) 

PC160-2010 - Basic Presentations (PowerPoint)

PC161-2010 - Intermediate Presentations (PowerPoint)

Microsoft Office 2007

PC130-2007 - E-mail Basics (Outlook)

PC140-2007 - Basic Word Processing (Word)

PC141-2007 - Intermediate Word Processing 1 (Word)

PC143-2007 - Intermediate Word Processing 3 (Word)

PC150-2007 - Basic Spreadsheets (Excel)

PC151-2007 - Intermediate Spreadsheets 1 (Excel)

PC121-2007 - Intermediate Spreadsheets 2 (Excel)

PC160-2007 - Basic Presentations (PowerPoint)

PC161-2007 - Intermediate Presentations (PowerPoint)

Delivery Options:


Courses are can be accessed from Teknimedia's Web Learning Center (WLC) using any computer connected to the Internet. The WLC environment allows administrators to register students and track their activities.


Courses can be installed on a network file server and accessed from any computer on the network. The network version includes the Virtual Learning Center management software that lets instructors track learner activity.


Courses can be installed on a standalone computer for use by one or more learners. The standalone version includes the Virtual Learning Center management software that lets instructors track learner activity.


* Only available with Internet delivery.