LAP - Vocational Proficiency Programs

LAPs (Learning Assessment Programs) is a vocational proficiency program which incorporates a variety of job-specific basic skills learning and assessments tools related to successful job performance. These were created to help the user develop job-specific communication, math, science, and problem solving skills related to the workplace.

LAPs contain activities to perfect users knowledge and skills for 35 different careers. As well as specific, basic skills learning assessments related to successful job performance. 

Automotive Technology


Building Maintenance

Manufacturing - Small Parts Assembly

Case Aide

Medical/Dental Assistant 

Computer-Aided Design

Medical Records Technician 

Computer Applications

Multimedia Designer

Computer Graphics


Construction Technology



Custodial Housekeeping

Physical/Occupational Therapist Assistant 

Customer Service Representative

Police Officer

Dietetic Technician

Quality Assurance

Digital Video Producer



Security Guard

Emergency Medical Technician

Taxi Driver 


Teacher Aide

Environmental Technician


Fast - Foods worker



Truck Driver


Home Health Aide

We are now offering the Food Service Learning Assessment Program demo for download. The downloadable demos are only available for Windows users. Macintosh users must request a demonstration CD-ROM 

To download a demo, click the link below: 

Download Food Service Demo


Price: $149.95 

$129.95 Until March 31st, 2016 (Site license prices available)

You may also purchase these optional tools which enhance the program, or receive them free with the purchase of the complete program.

The system starts with an interest screening device (The Interest Indicator) which can be used for placement into the job-specific basis skills assessments (the LAPs). $279.00

All assessments and skill enhancements are electronically integrated into our management system (the Curriculum Management System) which allows for seamless integration from interest testing to assigning, delivery, benchmarking, tracking, and reporting of all users and activities in the system.

To download a brochure as a PDF file Click Here. 

Hardware Requirements: 
PC, Windows XP / VISTA / WIN7, Mac