Basic Math Series: Algebra Basics ( Pre Algebra)

Pre-Algebra is the single most important pre-requisite for success in higher math courses (Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre­Calculus, and Calculus). The distance covered on the math course continuum is dependent upon the student’s preparation for their first theoretical math class, first year Algebra.

Pre-Algebra is a basic necessity to being properly prepared for high school algebra. The stronger the foundation a math student has, the better the chances he/she will progress successfully through their high school years of math education. Of all the math concepts necessary for further and more advanced study of math, the foundation of understanding pre-algebra is crucial. This pre algebra program offers basic algebra help with instructions and practices basic algebra problems on the topics necessary for success in high school Algebra. Immediate feedback with automatic scoring for students and teachers to track progress.

This basic algebra material is usually taught to middle school math students but is also very appropriate for adult learners returning to their math education. This basic algebra software is written in a very straight forward manner which appeals to middle school math students, high school students, and adults.

Basic Math Series pre-algebra tutorials include: Signed Numbers, Order of Operations, Variables, Properties, Expressions, Equations, Exponents, Square Roots, Sets, Probability, and Charts and Graphs. Pre-Algebra is the foundation for success in future math classes. Basic Math Series provides basic algebra lessons and practice for the beginning algebra student. Short quizzes are available for assessing each topic.

Understand the details of Signed Numbers!

Learn signed numbers using various perspectives!

Subtracting Signed numbers

Learn to read a “Pie Chart”