Connected Speech

Connected Speech is a pronunciation program that focuses on all the components of informal natural speech –  pause groups, pitch change, word and sentence stress, linking, syllables and the IPA. The program uses speech recognition to give feedback about the learner’s production.  It focuses on the suprasegmental features of English, with mark up, recording, practice activities, tests and tutorials. It has speech recognition that gives specific feedback on the supragmental features of the learner’s production.

There are 3 levels from Lower Intermediate to Advanced. The focus of Connected Speech is on those aspects of pronunciation that have the greatest effect on clear and effective communication.

Use of multimedia, interactivity and feedback for effective learning of pronunciation skills.

Superb Content

Based on sound educational pedagogy

Designed for young adults and adults

Nine speakers – a range of North American accents and speaking styles. Natural, informal spoken English.
Three levels – Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced Comprehension and language activities and tests based on 27 video clips.
Teaches and tests the suprasegmental features (Pause groups, Word and sentence Stress, Pitch change and Linking).
Teaches and tests other pronunciation skills, including Syllables and the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet).
Over 300 hours of activities.
Print results of voice recordings with feedback on production.
Print tutorials, worksheets, test results and answer sheets.
Clear, consistent layout makes Connected Speech easy to use!

The program includes 27 video clips.

  • Learners can: listen to the whole or part of a video
  • Read and listen
  • See hotword definitions
  • Comprehend the content through questions, written and spoken cloze activities, spelling and dictation exercises
  • Identify suprasegmental and other features for each speaker
  • Record their own production
  • See, hear and print intelligent feedback on their recording

Pronunciation activities include:

Listen for pauses, Predict pauses, Content words, Focus words, Pitch change and questions, Listen for linked words, Identify why words are linked, Minimal pairs, Find the different vowel sound, Number of syllables, Past tense verbs and syllable number, Number groups, Structure words, Contrastive stress, Pitch changes in dialogs, Pitch changes in lists, Predict linked words, Fast speech, Vowels & diphthongs, IPA symbols, Schwa Number of syllables, Stressed syllables, Grouping numbers, Punctuation and pause groups, Content and focus words, Lists, Compound words, New sounds and linking, Deleting sounds, Dictionary and pronunciation, Primary and secondary stress.

Prices: 1 station – $265.00, 5 stations – $530.00, 10 stations – $790.00 and $1,050.00 for 20 stations.

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Hardware Requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 10
For a demo Connected Speech, click here