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Tense Buster is an ESL program which focuses on helping students improve their reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar skills in 5 levels (beginner - advanced).

Tense Buster covers 33 aspects of the English language effectively and enjoyably through presentations, practice exercises, rules, tests and learner training tips. Students learn how to ask questions, make comparisons, and report on what they've heard, in addition to learning how to describe past, present and future events.

Each unit begins with a presentation of a grammar topic based on a dialogue, a newspaper article, a radio broadcast or an extract from a story, where learners are encouraged to form theories about how the grammar works. Next come concept checking questions focusing on key areas of difficulty, and a grammar rule. Students move on to practice and testing activities in which the language is contextualised and key aspects of form and function are highlighted. Each unit includes a video-based pronunciation activity relating to an aspect of the grammar. Finally, each unit includes a vocabulary session and ends by suggesting extension activities. All activities include detailed feedback, one of the most popular features of the program.

For a demo click here. (This demo provides a variety of accents. A North American version is also available)
For Tense Buster Online syllabus (PDF version)- click here
For Tense Buster Online Feature Analysis (PDF version)- click here

Multimedia Authoring Kit

It is easier than ever to create effective exercises tailored to your students' specific needs. The Tense Buster multimedia Authoring Kit comprises a wide range of exercise types.
Do you want to add your own materials? Do you want to include current events in your daily lessons? Do you want to record your voice or your student's to be incorporated in your exercises? For all you teachers: How about creating exercises in all other subject areas? ....No problem, just copy and paste and in seconds, it's done. You can create any type of lesson using this highly flexible, motivational program. Use any one of these formats to create your own activities: drag and drop, proof reading and free practice as well as target spotting, multiple choice, true/false, text and gapfill.


Why Tense Buster?


New multimedia interface - dynamic photos and graphics


Interactive, detailed feedback


Sound in all activities - radio broadcasts, stories, quizzes and video


North American or a international accents available


The Multimedia Authoring Kit lets you add your own material and adapt the courses to the exact needs of your students.


It's very easy to use... and fun!


Keeps track of progress!

System requirements: PC running Windows 95/98 + NT, 2000, XP, Vista.


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