Author Plus

Author Plus is an exciting, easy-to-use resource that helps teachers design computer-based courses aimed at students’ exact needs. Create a single exercise based on students’ problem areas for use in class, or a whole course. Author Plus gives teachers complete control over titles, menus, sound, videos and exercises and includes a wide range of activity types to keep interest levels high.

Do you ever have to produce instructional materials in a hurry? Imagine you want to provide exercises or test on curent events or new industry regulations. You log into Author Plus and key or copy/paste in your text. Use the graphics bank to illustrate your activities or add your own pictures, and with a couple of clicks add audio and video. Author Plus takes care of the rest. In just a few minutes you’ll have created a polished tutorial ready to be tackled online by your staff, students- wherever they are in the world. As they complete each activity, you can track their performance, either through your LMS or using the integrated Results Manager. Never has training been quicker, easier or more economical

Interface languages:English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Swedish

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Hardware Requirements: Windows 2000, 7, 8, 10. Online version can run on Mac.