Computers at Work

Computers at Work focuses on actual computer skills that prepare usersfor office jobs. Data entry and order processing, challenge students to work independently while learning real office procedures. As skills improve, users progress from simple tasks to jobs common in today’s workplace: Entering orders, checking inventories and determining payment methods.

The program includes two modules:

Data Entry (simulates data entry tasks)
The Data Entry module allows students to enter information from printed or on-screen account cards. They begin with one active field and progress to the basic data entry skills required of any office job. The module includes 200 account cards with three difficulty levels.
Order Processing (teaches how to process orders)
The Order Processing module starts with order processing and progresses to shipping, billing, payment and inventory. It also includes 200 account cards with three difficulty levels. The program also includes a System Manager which is helpful in tracking students’ progress and pinpointing problem areas.


1 computer station = $228.00
5 computer stations = $579.00
10 computer stations = $1,051.00

System Requirements: PC Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/ WIN7, Mac