Customer Service Communication Skills

Customer Service Communication Skills will help learners develop soft skills as well as enhancing their skills in There are 8 units in Customer Service Communication Skills. Each features a call based on authentic call centre interactions.listening, grammar, pronunciation and reading. Each of these is approached in the context of communication needs in a customer service environment. Learners have the opportunity to practise combining the skills they have learned as they record and play back their own responses to customer queries. Each unit of work is based around an authentic customer service interaction and is focused on a specific skill (such as “Active Listening” or “Giving Clear Explanations”).

Each unit contains a number of listening exercises (video and audio), using both native and non-native speaker with a wide range of accents.

For Syllabus (PDF Version) click here

For a demo of original calls- click here

For a demo of rerecorded calls for easier listening – click here

Level – Intermediate to Advanced
Hardware Requirements: Windows 2000, 7, 8, 10. Online version can run on Mac.