Interactive Picture Dictionary

Interactive Picture Dictionary

Over 800 head words arranged in 6 main groups and 40 topics.

  • Teaches and tests the spelling of singular and plural forms of over 800 English words.
  • Develops vocabulary skills in context.
  • Includes spelling tests and vocabulary recognition tests for every topic.
  1. Photo
  2. Pronunciation
  3. Spoken and written context sentence
  4. Three spelling activities for each of the singular and plural word forms
  5. Type the missing letters
  6. Type the word from memory
  7. Type the word in new context sentences
  8. Number of syllables per word as an aid for pronunciation.

Authorable. Customise the program by adding word lists (singular and plural word, context sentence, number of syllables per word). The program automatically generates the exercises for filling in the missing letters, typing the words from memory and the appropriate spoken feedback.


1 Computer station $180.00

5 Computer stations $360.00

10 Computer stations $525.00

20 Computer stations $700.00

Hardware Requirements:PC running Windows XP,7,8 and 10.