Issues in English 2

Issues in English 2 is a whole language program designed for learners aged 12 to adult, and featuring over 700 hours of interactive vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, reading and writing activities, this program is essential for school, college, community and home-based learners. The exercises are based on 32 video clips grouped into eight topics, at 4 levels from Beginner to Advanced. Topics are of high interest to young adults/adults and include Sports, Media, Technology, Languages, Immigration, Education to name a few. The program responds to the learner’s input with help and feedback. Worksheets, answer sheets, test results and tutorials can be printed directly from the program and used in any learning environment. Student tracking and reporting are also part of this complete package, all in one CD.

  • Uses 32 video clips of conversations presenting an opinion or information.
  • Based around eight new issues of high interest to young adults/adults (Sports, Wilderness, Fame, Media, Technology, Languages, Immigration, Education).
  • Covers four language levels from Beginner to Advanced.
  • All language learning activities are based around the content of the video clip.
  • Exercises can be printed out as worksheets. Also print test results and answer sheets for teachers.

Language learning activities include:

  • Listening
  • Comprehension,
  • Fill the gap
  • Spelling
  • Dictation
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation (words and sentences)
  • Punctuation (words and sentences)
  • Expressing opinions
  • Summary writing
  • Essay writing

The all new Program Admin Module lets you keep track of program use, learner session activities, scores and more!

“The strength of this program lies in presenting language in context. The issues presented are both brave and informative … The program certainly presents genuine language in a way that enhances learner motivation.” Teresa De Fazio. ON-CALL.

“Issues in English is an excellent resource because it uses the best features of an interactive technology medium to develop language and literacy.” Angela Dell’Orefice. ARIS Bulletin.


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Hardware Requirements: Windows 10 and Online.
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