It’s Your Job

Applying for a job in English is a daunting prospect for non-native speakers. It tests all the skills: reading the advertisement, writing the cover letter, and listening and speaking effectively in the interview.

It’s Your Job takes a structured and analytical approach to the entire process of job-seeking, from deciding on your career all the way through to accepting a job offer and negotiating your salary. It does this by posing four key questions, and answering them through an eBook, interactive activities and interviews with employers.

What is the interviewer looking for? In a series of video interviews, ten experienced recruiters from a range of sectors – IT, advertising, design, entertainment, education – talk in detail about what they expect from a candidate, how best to prepare for an interview, and how to shine when you get there.

What do I need to prepare? An interactive eBook raises students’ awareness of the complexity of the job-seeking process, looking in detail at how to research the company you are applying to, how to analyse a job advertisement and anticipate interview questions, and how to perform in group discussions.

What are the pitfalls I need to avoid? In the Story Point section of the program, learners listen to a series of anecdotes from other job-seekers. Some were successful, others made basic mistakes: each story has a message for the job applicant.

How can I develop my skills? A series of 40 interactive activities enables learners to test their strategies and build their job-seeking and language skills. This includes responding to sample job adverts, answering interview questions in real time, and studying the style of a follow-up email. Applying for a job in another language is a huge challenge. It’s Your Job sharpens the skills, calms the nerves and smooths the way to a job offer.

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Hardware Requirements:Windows 7, 8, 10 and Online

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