L’amour des Temps

How can L’amour des temps help your students improve their French?
The popular L’amour des temps program, can help your students tackle French quickly and effectively. and it’s fun to use! Each level contains a 25-hour ready to run course, and follows a systematic teaching approach, taking your students through a logical progression from presentation to concept checking, a grammar rule, practice and testing exercises. All units come with integrated vocabulary work and learner training.
Look at these exciting new features:
Feedback: Students can choose to have their answers marked and to receive feedback instantly or at the end of an exercise. L’amour des temps is unique in giving detailed feedback to students, guiding them towards a complete understanding of the subject area.
Scratch Pad: This helps students define their learning objectives, make notes and develop their own learning strategies. It also enables free practice.

Interactive Progress: The progress function gives students their scores in visually exciting formats and tracks their progress over different sessions.

Sound: Students can listen to the pronunciation of new words and sentences in different accents.
Authoring: One of the features that makes L’amour des temps uniqueis that it can be authored so that teachers can adapt it to the precise needs of their students including teaching other subjects in French. Teachers and students can even add sound, pictures, and videos. After creating a lesson teachers can use it on the computer or print it for students as a paper based exercise. With a wide variety of interesting material from around the world, thought-provoking activities and a highly interactive format, L’amour des temps keeps students absorbed for hours.
Level: Beginner-Advanced
Age: Grade 4-12.
To download a brochure as a PDF file click herePrices: 1 stations $149.00

5 stations $395.00

10 stations $625.00

20 stations $995.00

Hardware Requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10