Live Action English 2

Live Action English 2 Interactive is an exciting multimedia program that uses real movies to teach English. The program consists of 10 units that present a sequence of imperative sentence describing a familiar activity. Using a variety of exercises the students will practice Listening, Reading, Writing and Vocabulary.

Live Action English Interactive is for beginner to intermediate learners of English. The program presents basic vocabulary in the context of familiar activities.

Topics include: At the Laundromat, Job Safety, Ice cream and T.V., Yard work, Making an Omelet,Doctor’s visit, Going swimming, Calling the Landlord, A Party!

Each activity is utilised with a series of exercises: students watch a video, check comprehension, interact with the video and read and write. Writing is interactively corrected, another unique feature. The program is based on the total physical response theory of language learning.

7 screens in each of 10 units:

Watch Play the video or watch the animated photos, listen to the sound, and get immersed in the topic.

Listen Listening to a sentence and match it to a picture from the sequence.

Interact Listen to a command and interact with the screen to make things happen!

Watch and Read Watch the sequence and read along, or click on a sentence to hear it and see the corresponding action.

Order Drag sentences into the correct order. Text with audio.

Verbs A program in itself! Learn the most common verb tenses and practice them with this unique set of exercises. Verb tense help available at the click of a mouse.

Write (Dictation) Listen, type, and check. The computer tells you if everything is OK and gives hints if it isn’t. As a reward, the correct response triggers the corresponding action.

Skills: Vocabulary Listening Reading Writing

“Have you ever used interactive videos with students? It’s an eye-opening experience to watch the enthusiasm of learners who drag a mop to the hand of the man in the picture above and watch him take it and start mopping the floor with it! In eight years of CD-Rom development, I have never seen a program that better exploits the magic of technology while retaining a sound pedagogical base.”

Level: Beginner and Intermediate


Single copy: $99.00

Lab packs for 5 computers: $396.00

Lab packs for 10 computers: $753.00

Lab packs for 20 computers: $1,386.00

For a demo Live Action English 2, click here