MindGame is a highly enjoyable, easy-to-use game designed by the world-famous author Mario Rinvolucri. Ideal in the classroom, the self-access centre, on the network or at home, MindGame is suitable for players aged eight to 80, who can play either against each other or against the computer. MindGame is extremely effective for learning finite language areas and comes with a free Authoring Kit, which allows you to add games that are specifically designed for your own students.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

Age: Young adults-adults.

MindGame is an ancient Japanese game redesigned by the world famous author Mario Rinvolucri. Students can play against each other or against the computer: the object of the game being to capture all your opponent’s pieces and make them your own. As you capture each piece, you have to answer a question based on a particular language area. These may be familiar areas such as providing the past participle from the base form of a verb or forming the comparative or plurals. Or they may be areas which force students to think creatively, such as homophones, anagrams, rhyming words or collocations. As pieces move backwards and forwards between students, the motivation to win the game means that students inevitably learn the language items. You’ll be amazed how fast your students learn!

Like some of our other programs, MindGame is fully authorable, so you can add your own games specifically designed for your own students. Other useful features include:

  • Interactive Progress which tracks student activity so both students and you know how they are progressing, and where they are having problems.
  • Sound and animation which liven up the game and provide listening, pronunciation and spelling activities.
  • Website: a website for this game is coming soon! This will enable you to share the games you have created with other users all over the world!
  • Interfaces: students can choose between a variety of fun interfaces and a variety of counters. There’s something to suit all tastes!
    Contents include follow-on materials for you and your students

Each game is accompanied by a resource expanding upon the target language. This might be a text, a picture, a video or a song. In each case it adds a whole new dimension to the program. MindGame covers language in all these areas.

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Spelling

And the program creates the opportunity for authentic spoken communication if two people are playing.

Use MindGame to preteach the vocabulary students will need for a text you will be working on in class. You can do this by creating a game centred around the target lexical items. Students play this before coming to class: the motivation is tremendous!

Hardware Requirements:PC Windows XP, Vista.