Paragraph Punch

Helps Students Learn Different Ways to Write Paragraphs

Helps students develop their paragraph writing skills. Students learn how to write an effective paragraph — developed by reason, detail, sequence, example, and cause and effect.

Choosing from a menu of topics, students are guided to develop an idea, and to write their own topic sentence, body, and conclusion. Steps include pre-writing, writing, organizing, revising, rewriting, and publishing.

Teachers can monitor their students progress in the record management system.

Designed for intermediate to advanced level students.


Paragraph Punch:

  • The program contains 15 writing topics and 1,548 help prompts to guide students through each step in the writing process.
  • Contextual help and feedback engage students.
  • All student work is stored in the Teacher Program Manager.

Students will:

  • Use pre-writing strategies for different writing tasks.
  • Write clear descriptive sentences.
  • Focus writing on a central idea or topic.
  • Use supporting ideas, detail, and facts to develop and elaborate on a topic.
  • Proofread to correct conventional errors in mechanics, usage, and punctuation.

Pricing for Paragraph Punch

Program Versions Price License Terms
1 Station: Stand-alone $175.00 Use on one computer. Record keeping for 42 students.
5 Stations $599.00 Use on 5 stand-alone computers or a network with 5 concurrent users. Record keeping for 1,000 students.
10 Stations: Networkable $999.00 Use on 10 stand-alone computers or a network with 10 concurrent users. Record keeping for 1,000 students.
Site License: Networkable call us Use on more than 30 stand-alone computers or a network with more than 30 concurrent users, or more than one building or campus. Record keeping for 1,000 students.

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Hardware Requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10

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