Phonics Alive

Phonics Alive

Phonics Alive consist of 4 different CDs. Each CD can be purchased separately.

Phonics Alive 1

Phonics Alive! 1 introduces all letter shapes and sounds. Phonics Alive! is an interactive sequenced learning program introducing all single sounds and some three letter sound blends. The program consists of twenty separate modules, each introducing a cluster of sounds presented as beginning, medial, and ending sounds. All instructions are presented orally with no reading ability required. Student results are recorded. Over fifteen hundred full colour graphics are introduced to extend the student’s vocabulary. Superb animation is used extensively. Easy to use navigation and great interface make Phonics Alive! a must have Literacy program.

School version comes with an 110 page Teachers’ Guide. This guide contains blackline masters outlining lessons and assignments based on the 20 modules.

Phonics Alive 2

Phonics Alive! – 2, The Sound Blender, is a new and innovative program teaching students the essential skills and phonological knowledge of sound blending. All forms of digraphs, diphthongs, silent letters and suffixes are explored and explained, including ch, sh, een, kn, ar, aw, au, ith, wr, et and many more. The Sound Blender introduces and consolidates advanced decoding skills to assist students in recognizing and decoding previously unknown words.

School version includes a 134 page Teachers’ Guide and Game Cards (flash cards). This guide contains blackline masters outlining lessons and assignments based on the 12 modules.

Phonics Alive 3

Phonics Alive! 3, The Speller, teaches students to plan how to spell new and unfamiliar words. Traditional Spelling Rules are explained and actively taught, followed by practice activities. Sight Words are taught and practice games ensure that learning is fun. To best suit individual needs, students are able to choose from a variety of sight words (general lists, community signs, science words, mathematics words, secondary words or compound words). A wide variety of additional words are provided with sound files enabling teachers to add custom word lists to the program. Students will advance their understanding of the grapho-phonic nature of our language and of the complicated alphabetic mapping system of English. The program consists of 15 modules. It is self paced and sequential.

School version includes an 168 page Teachers Guide containing black line masters outlining lessons and assignments based on the 15 modules. All versions include a large color wall chart showing all the spelling rules.

Phonics Alive 4

Phonics Alive! 4 introduces students to the basic rules and conventions that provide the grammatical structure of the English language. The program has 14 modules. By progressing through these modules, students learn about basic sentence structure, word classes, punctuation and homophones. Students are introduced to subjects and predicates, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, articles and conjunctions. The modules actively teach the grammar rules for countable and uncountable nouns, plus the importance of agreement between nouns, pronouns and verbs. Students are introduced to verb number, tense, object, case nouns and pronouns. Punctuation is actively taught and reinforced. Students learn to correctly use periods, capital letters, commas, and how to punctuate contractions. The modules are packed with stimulating graphics and animation.

School versions include a 155 page teacher’s manual filled with activities and blackline masters. This guide contains blackline masters outlining lessons and assignments based on the 14 modules.