Practical Writing

Practical Writing is for students who need to use written English both at school and in the context of their personal lives. Whether writing a descriptive essay for academic purposes or sending a letter to a landlord, Practical Writing helps users structure messages, select the right vocabulary and choose the most appropriate writing style.

The program was created to present realistic texts which learners will encounter on a regular basis. The topics presented are relevant, stimulating and tie the materials into real-world needs. With a variety of interesting exercises and topics, the software is suitable for low intermediate to advanced learners. Topics include: letters to government agencies and banks, job application letters, online profiles to support job or college applications, posts on Facebook and Tripadvisor, text messaging, emails to enquire about courses, asking for information and official letters.

The other half of the program is for those who are learning English in a formal setting, preparing for English language tests, standardized English exams or simply studying English at home.  Topics include: Essays, short reports, taking notes, avoiding plagiarism, checking and proofreading their work.

Although the program focuses on writing, it also contains a comprehensive range of exercises that focus on other important skills such as, listening, reading and pronunciation. Practical Writing includes and utilizes links to various websites, providing users with the opportunity to do research and explore the internet in a structured manner while completing the exercises. As well, many of the exercises also come with a worksheet option which provides teachers with the opportunity to create worksheets for their students based on the lessons found in the Practical Writing program.

What is the approach?
  • Video introduction. A teacher explains the learning objectives of the unit — for example, to build an online profile and proofread it.
  • Interactive activities. In each unit, students work through 12 interactive activities: exercises, quizzes, tests and writing assignments. There’s lots of practice!
  • Study sheets. Each unit includes a Resource Bank of study sheets, transcripts and model writing. Learners can refer to it at any time.

For Syllabus (PDF Version) click here

Hardware Requirements:

Practical Writing is available on laptops and desktops (Win8 and 10), tablets (iPad and Android) and CD-Rom. The integrated phone app runs on iPhone and Android.

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