Show Me Spelling

Functional spelling for low level readers

This program allows students to succeed at spelling, while learning up to 600 words independently! It is Appropriate for any age and a wide range of ability levels. Includes instruction and quiz modes.

In the instruction mode, you create a spelling list for each student, or choose from dozens of preselected lists. You can adjust the difficulty of the program by offering students helpful spelling clues. If the student is still stumped, she can choose the “Show Me” option. Here, a short animated movie will present the correct spelling. Incorrect responses don’t appear so students can’t give wrong answers. This allows for extended independent work by those with limited spelling skills. You can select an option that also plays a “celebration” movie when a student spells a word correctly.

The quiz mode lets you implement a pre-and post-test strategy to evaluate student progress. You can easily save student word lists and quiz scores.

Level: Beginner

Hardware Requirements: PC Windows XP, VISTA, WIN7 or Mac system 7+