Handwriting the Right Way

StartWrite is a complete software that teaches handwriting skills. The program makes teaching handwriting and good penmanship skills easy and saves an enormous amount of preparation time.
All you do is type letters, words, numbers, etc., on the page. The letters appear on the screen in a dot format on the triple-guide line. You can change the size of the letters, shading of the letters (so they print out light or dark or shades in between), turn on or off the guide lines and arrow strokes (beginning points), check spelling with a 100,000 spell checker, print in landscape or portrait and place clip art on the page in black & white or color. It only takes minutes to create a page. Save your page for later use.


Age 4 and up.

Price $75.00 + shipping and applicable taxes. Licence for up to 50 users (A board licence) $595.00.

StartWrite Features at a Glance:

  • 3 manuscript fonts: Manuscript (Zaner-Bloser), Modern Manuscript (D’Nealian), Italic (Getty-Dubay or Portland Italic)
  • Cursive font: Traditional
  • Prints on plain paper. StartWrite prints the triple lines, single underline or no lines.
  • Template lesson pages included
  • Create phonics pages, spelling pages, letter to a friend, scrapbook page, etc…
  • Prints in Landscape or Portrait
  • Clip Art included or import your own
  • Type in dots, dashes or solid letters
  • Adjust font size from 1/4″ to 2″
  • Adjust the lightness or darkness of the print
  • Add Arrow Strokes to the letters
  • Types all keys on keyboard
  • Can be used as standard word processor
  • Standard Word Processor Features: Cut, Copy, Paste, New, Open, Save, Print, Zoom, etc.
  • 100,000 word Spell Checker
  • Save files for future use
  • Create multiple page documents
  • Easy-to-Use Point & Click features

Hardware Requirements: PC Windows XP/ Vista/ Win 7 or Mac