Study Skills Success

Study Skills Success was created for students in academic high school settings or for college and university students and candidates. Study Skills Success focuses on developing critical thinking, writing, research and presentations. The program is suitable for students in academic high school settings or for college and university students and candidates. It provides comprehensive coverage of skills and resources that will enable students to approach their academic studies effectively and with confidence.

It has units on:

  • Independent learning
  • Critical thinking
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Visuals
  • Vocabulary
  • Research

and is extremely comprehensive!
One of the greatest challenges for students in that awkward transition period between school and higher education is learning to be independent in their studies. That’s where Study Skills Success will prove invaluable. This software helps learners develop the skills they need to listen to a lecture, make notes from course books, research an assignment on the Web… and approach every aspect of their new academic life with confidence.

Study Skills Success not only presents learning strategies in an interactive context, it also provides the learner with a wealth of practice material. For example, in the Speaking Unit, students prepare and deliver a short talk using the software’s record and playback facility. They then go on to compare their talk with those given by other students, both native and non-native speakers. Later in the unit they are given follow-up questions on the same topic which they have to answer on the spot, giving their opinions and backing them up.

Study Skills Success is ideal for IELTS and TOEFL candidates as well as all students taking higher-level ESL tests. The Reading, Writing and Listening Units all focus directly on the skills students need to achieve a good banding, and the Speaking Unit is organized around the format of the new tests Speaking Module.

The program comes with an authoring program enabling teachers to add their own material – perhaps directly from students’ own coursework – as well as a Results Manager. This management system allows teachers to see who has been using the program, how long they have spent on it, what progress they have made and where they might need remedial help. There is also a dedicated teacher support site with activities to help the teacher get to know the program and integrate it into their teaching.

Study Skills Success is organized around a wealth of material from course books, journals and websites, including articles and extracts from New Scientist, National Statistics website, The New York Times, The Week, BUAV website and many more.

The program is ideal as a self-access resource or as integrated classwork or homework components of a taught course, where it can (optionally) be delivered through Blackboard, Moodle or other LMSs.

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Hardware Requirements: Windows 8, 10. Run Study Skills Success Online from any browser.

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