Teentalk France

The Teentalk French program is an effective entertaining method of learning French which makes working with spoken language easy. The activities are based on authentic, everyday language spoken by real British, Canadian and French teenagers. Students are given the opportunity to listen to questions and answers as many times as desired, a studio-recorded version and a text version are also available. The language unfolds piece by piece and listening, reading and observation skills are all utilized. The built-in exercises also take advantage of multimedia. Traditional exercises take on new dimensions – everything can be listened to or, alternatively, read as text. Grammar rules are easily memorized by listening to example phrases.

Teentalk France introduces the learner to 20 French students, who are interviewed on topics such as school day, hobbies, future plans and multiculturalism. Following these interviews is easy and fun, and the whole time the learner is dealing with authentic, everyday language used by young people in France. The interactive exercises utilize the possibilities offered by multimedia technology to facilitate language learning.

Transcripts and answer keys for the exercises can be found in the “Teacher’s Area”. There are also easy-to-print supplementary material and ideas for group and pair work included in the program.

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Hardware Requirements:Windows 2000, 7, 8, 10

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